Library Services

The hospital medical library was established 4th October, 1999 at the auditorium for a period of three years, and was then moved to the present registry for five years.

With the kind consideration of Dr Monye who was the HOD of family medicine a place was given for the library, which was used until when a permanent library was provided at the trauma centre block under the able leadership of DR .BB. Shehu and the present Chief Medical Director . (CMD) DR JAF Momoh.

Office facilities Available

  1. Internet services for users of the library
  2. Scanner
  3. Printer
  4. Computers for all works.   

Activities of the library  

  1. Acquiring Reading materials
  2. Accessioning books\journals
  3. Shelving of used materials
  4. Internet services for users

Browsing of important topics for researchers in the hospital.

Staff strength (Three professionals)

  1. Assistant Director library services
  2. Assistant chief librarian
  3. Principal library office
  4. 2 Library Assistants
  5. 2 NYSC staff.

Tassallah Abdullahi .

HOD Library services