Department of Surgery

1.0       Introduction

The Department of Surgery is amongst the foundation departments established at the inception of the hospital in September, 1999.  The department started with only two consultants and few resident doctors.  The department has grown to consist of twenty one (21) consultants grouped in the various surgical subspecialties and so many senior and junior resident doctors.  The department has maintained a role of an-image-maker to the hospital through provision of major and complex surgical procedures to the Federal Capital Territory community in particular and the country in general.

1.1       Aims & Objectives of the Department

The aims and objectives of the department are as follows:

  • Provision of safe major and advanced surgical services to Nigerians.
  • Provision of accredited (WACS & NPMCN) postgraduate professional surgical training to the junior and senior resident doctors leading to the award of Fellowships of both the West African College of Surgeons (FWACS) and National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria (FMCS); qualifications that are eligible for the appointment to the post of Consultant Surgeon in the West African sub region (WACS) and in Nigeria (FMCS) respectively.
  • Surgical Research: The department conducts clinical researches in all surgical fields.  Current fields of surgical research interests include, but not limited to:
  • Minimal access surgery and quality control
  • Spine and orthopaedic transplant
  • Trauma and critical surgical care
  1. Categories of Staff

The department is currently graced with committed staff strength distributed as follows; Consultants in various subspecialties, Senior Registrar, Registrar (both regular and supernumerary), Medical Technicians and Administrative staff (secretariat).

2.1       Consultants / Subspecialties:

General Surgery   4
Orthopaedic 4
Paediatric Unit 3
Neurosurgery 3
Cardiothoracic 1
Urology  2
Burns & Plastic  2
Trauma  2
Total                         21

2.2       Senior Registrars

Regular                       –           31

Supernumerary           –           5

Total                           =          36

2.3       Registrars

Regular                       –           19

Supernumerary           –           5

Total                           =          24

2.4       Plaster Technicians

Plaster Technicians     –           4

2.5       Administration

Departmental Secretary-         1

Office Assistant            –           1

Corps Members           –           2

Total                           –           4

  1. Achievements

3.1   Achievements

The Department of Surgery has continued to record a number of successes and achievements in the trio of service provision; surgical services (statistics of some of our surgical services attached), surgical training and surgical research over the years.


3.1.1    Specialized Services

The department is the leading surgical department in the country in provision of the following surgical services:

  • Minimal Access Surgery (Endoscopy and Laparascopy)
  • Endoneurosurgery and Complex Spinal Surgery
  • Hip & Knee Joint Replacement Surgery and Complex Orthopaedic Surgical Procedures
  • Endo-urology and Radical Prostectomy Surgery
  • Neonatal Surgery and Paediatric laparascopy
  • Advanced Trauma Surgery and Critical Surgical Care
  • Burns and Plastic


  • Rural Posting

The department impacts on our host community by provision of specialized surgical services in the sub-urban population at Mararaba, Nasarawa State, through a co-operation funded by the Management of National Hospital and the Nasarawa State Government.  These services have been accredited by the West African College of Surgeons (WACS).

3.1.3    Surgical Training

As a young surgical department established September, 1999; the department has recorded outstanding clinical, professional and academic performances leading it to the acquisition of full accreditation of both full accreditation of both the West African College of Surgeons and the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria in most of the surgical specialties.  The department has so far trained fourteen (14) doctors to be certified as Fellows of the two colleges.  Eight (8) of these fellows were employed by the department as fellows and consultants.  Most of these fellows demonstrated high academic excellence during their exit fellowship examinations. More so, our residents have continued to distinguish themselves with excellent performances at both the Part I and Part II Fellowship Examinations. The department also organizes various conferences and workshops all through the year.

3.1.4    Research

The department is well absorbed in local, regional and international surgical researches involving collaboration within the department as well as other hospitals within and outside the country.  Example of such collaboration is the ongoing international research involving the department and HALT-IT clinical trial for Traxanianic Acid in G. I. bleeding and Neurotrauma.  Also, the professional theses of our Part II candidates are testimonies to the quality of our research works.

3.1.5      Surgical Services

(a)       Provision of specialized and high tech surgical intervention (services) to our teeming patients.

(b)      The department has recorded large number of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures since Year 2010.

(c)        State-of-the-art / modern equipment and theatre to meet international best practices.


  1. Medium Term Plan

4.1       Provision of Surgical Implants

As a referral hospital of repute, and to retain the confidence of our teeming patients; we are working towards provision of surgical implants and consumable shop within the hospital.  This will provide patients the opportunity to procure genuine orthopaedic and surgical implants from source at competitive prices.

4.2       Long Term Plan

4.2.1    Establishment of Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) Centre.  A standard MAS would soon be erected with the aim of providing advanced laparascopic and other minimal access surgery practices comparable to what is obtained in other parts of the world.  The centre will also provide and coordinate training in the field of MAS.

4.2.2    Establishment of Kidney and Liver Transplant Service

The department is considering the establishment of a kidney and liver transplant centre at the National Hospital if we are to maintain the flagship of medical practice in the country.  This will curtail to the barest minimum the need for Nigerians to travel abroad to access these facilities.

  1. Procedures/ Services offered
    Endoscopy: Wednesday & Thursday
    Transurethral prostatic Resection (TUR)
    Hip & Knee Joint Replacement Surgery (THR, TKR)
    Major cardio-thoracic procedures
    Spinal surgery
    Laparoscopic surgerySpecialized clinics / surgeries
    General Surgery Clinics: Monday and Tuesday:   9.00am –  12.00noon
    Urology Clinic:  Wednesday:   12.00noon   –  4.00pm
    Neurosurgery clinic:  Tuesday  12.00noon  –  4.00pm, Thursday, 9.00am –  12.00noon
    Orthopaedic clinic:  Thursday  9.00 am  –   4.00pm

Plastic Surgery clinic:  Monday:  12.00noon  –  4.00pm
Cardiothoracic Surgery Clinic:   Monday:  12.00noon  –  4.00pm
Paediatric Surgery Clinic:    Tuesday:   9.00am  –  12.00noon

Surgical Services
Theatre session for all the sub-specialties are held in this order
Monday: Urology, Pediatric surgery
Tuesday: Orthopaedic surgery
Wednesday: General Surgery II, Cardiothoracic and Neurosurgery
Thursday: General Surgery I
Friday: Plastic, Orthopaedic, Urology
Day Care surgeries on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

Emergency Care
Accident & Emergency:   Opens 24 hours with stand-by Ambulances

Inpatient Care
Private, Semi-private and General wards are available for general surgery, urology, neurosurgery   and orthopaedic care.

Dr. Yau, G. A.
HOD (Surgery)