Quadruplets Delivered In National Hospital, Abuja

An interview with Mr. and Mrs. Amodu Ernest THE PARENTS WHO GAVE BIRTH TO QUADRUPLETS

The Mother of female quadruplets, Mrs. Temitope Amodu who was put to bed on the 25th of October, 2018 at the National Hospital, Abuja, expressed her extreme joy. Having undergone Ceasarean Section, Mrs. Temitope could quickly forget the pains owing to the expertise she experienced at the hospital. She stated, “Put away the pain, they were amazing!!!

Mr & Mrs Ernest Amodu proclaims their gratitude to God Almighty for a successful delivery of their children at the National Hospital, Abuja.  Mr Ernest Amodu is a Public Servant from Ofu local Government Area of kogi state, Nigeria and his wife Mrs Temitope Amodu is a Teacher from Kabba Local Government Area of Kogi state, Nigeria.



Speaking with the Information and Protocol Management (IPM) of the Hospital, Mr & Mrs Ernest Amodu had these to say.


Mrs Temitope Amodu     

It was wonderful, I have never experienced a surgery before, though it’s painful but we thank God for the blessings he has given us, it is worth the pain and I thank God for my life and their own life.

 Mr Amodu Ernest: The Joy knows no bound, because looking at them every day alone for this few days we have spent here, when I look at them, joy whirl up from my inside and I am thankful to God for being the parent of this adorable girls


Mrs Temitope Amodu: They are unique and then it’s been very challenging right from conception up till now. The pregnancy was not easy carrying it both for me and the immediate family because at some point my husband has to do things for me. I couldn’t move I had to stop work; I have been in and out of hospital when pregnant, admission and finally delivery. Right now we are recuperating, but thank God for life and for the adorable gift he has given to God.

Mr Amodu Ernest: Like it is usually said ; “Nothing good comes easy” there is no time you are looking for something that is way out of  ordinary like this that it will  come easy and that is the joy of it all, very challenging , very demanding but Hey! We are grateful to God he brought us through the process and now we can see them and they are bundles of joy to us.



Mrs Temitope Amodu: This is my second pregnancy, I have a boy and all together they are five now. Meaning more responsibilities, but I believe in God.


 Mr Amodu Ernest: Well, somebody said it takes 9 months notice for pregnancy, it is not an emergency but if it’s more than one like this you begin to wonder how am I going to?  Of course we have plans, we desire to see them grow up having the best education, having the best of the basics of life and put them on the road that will lead them to their carrier and future in life. We know that they will do better and the plans we have for them, what we are looking at is to align with what God has for them so that they will not end up half way on what they are suppose to become in life, so basically we are looking forward to giving them the best of the best education.

Mrs Temitope Amodu: Which we cannot do by ourselves, looking at our current economic or financial level write now. I am a teacher in a private school. So we solicit for help, from Government, NGO, individuals who are willing to stretch their arms of help to us to give these children a good upbringing. They need a lot, they eat a lot, well we just believe God for everything, because he doesn’t give any blessing and add sorrows, he will always make a way.


Mrs Temitope Amodu: I was referred here and since I stepped here, till now, the Medical team, the Nurses, the Matrons, the People in the Neonatal Intensive care Unit (NICU) have been so amazing. They are Professionals. Even you people (Information and Protocol Management Department), the way everything is,I like the environment.  I have been telling people about National Hospital, I will take it abroad. My experience with National Hospital has been different even though I heard things contrary.


Mr Amodu Ernest: It has been very interesting being here, using here as our hospital, and words will not be enough to say thank you to all the people who have been involved in the process from the beginning, we now have personal friends that we can refer to as our family on a daily basis from the Laboratory, Radiology (Scan), Antenatal unit, Antenatal ward, Lay- in ward and the NICU staff, all are just wonderful and we are so happy to meet them. For us now, they are our family because it’s through their hard work and care that God brought this babies out and we are so grateful to God for that. We say thanks to them all and we advise that they should continue to keep that spirit of professionalism on as that is what we want to see in Nigeria as a whole, a country where we have the best hands at work and doing what they are suppose to do and knowing what is required of them to do.

Mrs Temitope Amodu: If National hospital can be like this all round, then people don’t need to go abroad for medical treatment and all that. We have what it takes.


My vote of thanks goes first to God almighty, the God of abundance, the one who blesses for a reason.


Secondly I want to thank my husband who has been in support, he has been my backbone when I was pregnant he would wash, he could cook, he wo do virtually everything. I also want to thank him for not running away  (laughing) even when we found out it was four, I thank God for my son who has been understanding, he is just three years old but so many times I have not been at home. I know he has had his share of the challenges, and then my parents, especially my mother who left all she was doing to come and take care of me, my sister and the entire family. I most sincerely thank Dr. Agbogoroma with his team of doctors for this wonderful care, they have been amazing, and then the surgeons, put away the pain aspect, they were very professional, I thank everybody, I thank National Hospital.


Mrs Temitope Amodu was successfully discharged from the Hospital on the 10th of November, 2018.